Beginner Tickety Tap

This level is for you that have never taken a tap class before, but also for the dancer who wants to start again and polish your basic technique. Tap shoes are optional. If using normal dance shoes, hard soles are preferable to rubber soles.

Improver Flapety Flap

This level is for those that have taken tap classes for at least one year. You feel you are beyond the beginner level and are ready to take your flaps, shuffles, cramp rolls, to the next level. The class material is adaptable to different levels of advanced beginner/beginner intermediate.

Intermediate Clappity Clap

You need to judge if you are ready for this level. You should have been tap dancing for two years or more and practice regularly.

You know basic time steps and have a solid vocabulary of steps. You pick up combinations fairly easily. Expect a faster teaching tempo on this level.

Intermediate Plus Wingety Wings

This is an advanced intermediate level. The tempo will be even higher than on the intermediate level. You make clear musical choices and can set grooves.